About Hereward FT&ARC

Club Facilties    Membership and Fees

The club is part of the Fenland Field Target Association, and actively participates in regional Winter League shoots. The region is made up of 9 clubs spread across the Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Essex, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire. The shoot series gets people into a competitive but friendly environment, as well as supporting the running of the region, so we encourage as many members as possible to attend the Winter League shoots.

We also run a club competition league throughout the year. The averages throughout the year decide the champion in each grade, and the overall club champion. This encourages people to attend regularly, and gets new members used to competitive shooting in a familiar environment.


Apart from having a well-developed area for laying out FT courses of up to 40 targets, we also use the 50m and 100m ranges for practice, plinking and informal FT courses. These are especially welcome in the winter months, as the firing line is hard standing and covered! We also benefit from being able to use the clubhouse, which has heating, toilet and kitchen facilities – luxury! Disabled access to the clubhouse and the firing lines is provided.

Most of the targets are locked away, apart from on club days, but some targets are available for members who visit during the week. We have chrono facilities to allow members to check their guns, and bench rest tables to help zeroing rifles.

We have charging facilities on site for PCP air rifles. All we ask is a small fee (20p) be paid each time you use it, to pay for charging and bottle certification. Most people think it’s worth it – it’s less hassle than carrying your own bottle, and much cleaner than using a pump!

If you have not shot airguns before, don’t have any kit or just want to try it out without going to a great deal of expense, then we can help.  Please come to one of our beginners days where equipment is available for you to use and coaches/trainers are ready to help you, see the Contact Us or Events page for dates.

Please do not turn up unannounced! We wont have the equipment or people around to help you. Just complete the enquiry form on the Contact Us page to arrange a visit.

If you have shot before and already have your own kit then just complete the enquiry form on the Contact Us page to arrange a visit.  We will then give you paperwork to join the club if you want to.


Membership and Fees:

NOTE: You now have to attend 6 Saturdays within 3 months before we will allow you to join the club.

Annual membership is (we think) quite reasonable, being:

  • Adult: £65.00/year
  • Junior: £20.00/year
  • Seniors (70+): £55.00/year

The fee covers £25.00 to club and the balance to the CTSA. Juniors pay on for the CTSA membership, as we believe in encouraging our junior shooters as much as possible. Shooting fees for club days are:

  • Adult: £2.00/day
  • Junior: £1.00/day

These are payable before shooting starts, but only when we have more than 3 members attending (it can get quiet during the summer). However, shooting is free for any other day of the week – all that’s needed is you to sign the range diary.

On joining our club you will get:

  • Club Membership
  • BFTA Membership
  • CTSA/Norman Cross range shooting authority card.

These are renewed annually during January and February, following the AGM. We ask you to carry these cards at all times whenever you shoot, as you may be required to show them to prove you’re entitled to shoot.